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Butterfly Ilius B is a completely new long pip top sheet with a brand new sponge, Absorber Sponge Drop. When long pips rubber has hard sponge, the pimples will bend more, thus greater effects will be obtained. Generally, the harder the sponge, the more difficult it is to control as the speed of the ball off the racket gets faster. The combination of the top sheet and Absorber Sponge Drop provides a high performance when playing a short stroke over the table, such as chop block. In addition, innovative attacking and defensive play are both possible, thus making best use of the characteristics of the long pimples, such as a low penetrating backhand with minimal spin. In addition, the durability of the top sheet has more than doubled compared to the Feint Long III, which has a similar pimple shape. This is due to the compounds used to achieve durability whilst maintaining the performance of the rubber.


  • Ilius B is the first long pimpled rubber with Absorber Sponge Drop, developed by Butterfly
  • This new hard sponge really shines close to the table for blocking, chop blocking, and drop shots
  • To accentuate the long-pip effect, the pimple shape is as thin and high as ITTF rules allow
  • Designed for shot/spin variation and easy attacking, making it easy to keep the ball low
  • Recommended for players that want both innovative attacking and defensive play

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