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This racket celebrates the 70th anniversary of the founding of Tamasu Co., Ltd. and the 100th anniversary of the birth of Hikosuke Tamasu, the founder and creator of the Butterfly brand. It is made it with gratitude to everyone who has supported Butterfly so far.

By combining the rare millennial cedar grip used in many former Butterfly rackets, the outer ply of Kiso cypress, which is famous as a high-class material and the special material Arylate/Carbon that continues to attract top players aiming for the top, Butterfly is continuous. It expresses the skill and pride of racket making.

  • Reaction: 11.1
  • Vibration: 9.7
  • Plies: 5 Wood + 2 Arylate/Carbon
  • Blade Thickness: 5.9mm
  • Blade Size: 157 x 150 mm
  • Handle Size: 100 x 25 x 34 mm
  • Country of Origin: Japan

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