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A Blade In Celebration Of The 30 Years Of Cooperation Between Timo Boll And Butterfly

The blade is developed and produced in celebration of the 30 years co-operation between Timo Boll and Butterfly.

A small 11-year-old boy at that time, Butterfly equipment soon became a part of his body; he has experienced hundreds of spectacular achievements. The R&D team in Butterfly has always made the best use of his feedback and requests to develop equipment and has reflected the advice given in new products.

A new technology has been introduced to the celebratory blade. There has been a concern that sweat on the palm affects the delicate touch and feeling of a stroke; normal handles (wood handles) have a relatively smooth surface. In pursuit of a less slippery handle, Butterfly has successfully developed a material dedicated to the blade handle whose friction does not easily fluctuate even when exposed to high levels of sweat. Timo has welcomed this material and has already been using at actual tournaments. The material is named G-Fless; this is where another chapter of history begins.

  • Class: Offensive
  • Blade Plies: 5-Wood + 2 Arylate/Carbon
  • Weight: ~85g
  • Reaction: 11.8
  • Vibration: 10.3
  • Blade Size: 157×150 mm
  • Blade Thickness: 5.8 mm
  • Handle Size: 100×24×34 mm

Includes a photo book commemorating the history of Timo Boll’s 30 years.

* G-Fless can be easily damaged and deformed if pressed heavily, due to the characteristics of the material. In addition, the texture will change in the course of use.

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